Patch Touch: for Yamaha DX/TX

Visualize, edit, and organize sounds for your Yamaha DX7, DX7II, TX7, TX802, or TX816 synthesizer. Patch Touch gives you full control over every parameter of your synth on one screen.

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  • Visualize: With a touch of the Fetch button, Patch Touch shows you the full structure of the current patch on your synthesizer, including the structure of the currently selected algorithm and all envelopes.
  • Edit: Change sounds in realtime while playing your synth. Every change you make to an on-screen control on your iPad is immediately sent to your synth, making sound design for these complex synths much easier. Quickly test out different algorithms, copy and paste envelopes between ops, turn individual ops on or off, and more.
  • Organize: Save sounds to your own personal collection of patches inside of Patch Touch. Perfect for building a library of sounds you design, as well as making copies of patches that are already on your synth. Sysex files of patches can also be exported to email, Dropbox, etc.
  • Randomize: The Random button creates a new patch by intelligently randomizing all of the parameters on your synth. A great way to discover new sound ideas.
  • Play: Tap the Play button to show a simple pentatonic keyboard, so you can play your DX or TX directly from within Patch Touch, making it easy to test sounds as your change them.

Use Patch Touch with an MIDI adapter connected to your iPad, or via wireless or Bluetooth MIDI to your Mac or PC, with your synthesizer connected to your Mac or PC via MIDI.


  • A Yamaha DX7, DX7II, TX7, TX802, or TX816
  • A MIDI adapter for your iPad, OR a Mac or PC connected to your synth via MIDI and a wi-fi or Bluetooth connection between your Mac or PC and your iPad.

NOTE: This app does NOT make any sound. It is an editor for the synthesizers listed above.

This app is not affiliated or endorsed by Yamaha.

Reviews from the App Store

simple DX / TX Editor
Feiner clear editor and library manager for the FM synth Yamaha. Tested on DX7II and the old TX816 ... Friendly support from developers. I had a problem with a cheaper Midi interface. (translated from German)
September 16, 2015
FM Steering
Remote control for DX7 and TX7 is great to have all controls on one page. Clear and legible interface. The random button is great! The keyboard part should be reviewed and the addition of a hold button is a real +. The integration of Dropbox would also be cool to load patches ;) (translated from French)
September 13, 2015

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