Korg MS2000R Resources

MS2000R Patches

The MS2000R uses the same patch format as the Korg microKorg, and there are quite many microKorg patches available on the web.

Synthaholic on the Vintage Synth Explorer forum offers a link to download about 120 microKorg patches on this post. The download is free and the files are in the microKorg Sound Editor format, so you will need that program to load them.

Todd Smith created a bank of Trance-style sounds for the microKorg. You can download them for free from his Dropbox account here: Todd Smith microKorg Patches. View a demo of these sounds on his YouTube account.

SynthLib offers a handful of user-uploaded microKorg patches of various styles. Each is a free download.

Korg MS2000R Editor Screenshot

Patch Base has a full-featured Korg MS2000R editor and librarian for both Mac and iPad. Try it out for free.