Patch Touch: for Oberheim Matrix

Create and edit sounds for the Oberheim Matrix-1000, Matrix-6, and Matrix-6r synthesizers. Patch Touch gives you immediate touch-based control for every voice parameter on your Matrix.

Patch Touch has been designed to give you access to as much as possible all on a single screen, making it easier to change and understand the structure of your patch.

Here are some more features:

  • Copy/Paste envelopes
  • Create random patches
  • Copy the current patch from your synth to your iOS device, for further editing
  • Save your patch from Patch Touch to the memory on your synth!
  • Play the synth using the app's built-in mini-keyboard (with aftertouch support)

Use this app either with a MIDI adapter for your iOS device, or via a wireless MIDI connection to your Mac or PC, with your Matrix synthesizer connected to your Mac or PC via MIDI.


  • An Oberheim Matrix-1000/6/6r synthesizer
  • A MIDI adapter for your iOS device, OR a Mac or PC connected to your Matrix via MIDI and a wi-fi connection between your Mac or PC and your iOS device.

NOTE: This app does NOT make any sound! It's just an editor for your Matrix. If you don't have a Matrix synthesizer, this app won't do anything useful for you.

This app is not affiliated or endorsed by Oberheim. It's just an app I made to fill a need!

View the Patch Touch Help.

Reviews from the App Store

Patch Touch For Oberheim Matrix
I really like this app. It is easy to use, especially compared to the multi-page workout that one must endure when editing an Oberheim Matrix 6/6R from the instrument itself. Here you will have all of the programming parameters on one screen. For the Matrix 1000 owner, the app is awesome, since a Matrix 1000 alone has no onboard editing. Patch Touch gives a Matrix 1000 user a useful and convenient way to customize or create sounds (finally!). I withheld a five star rating (4/5) only because the app documentation did not mention that when saving a Matrix 1000 patch, one has to set the actual synth to the intended patch location number least that is the way that the app worked for me. Once I had that small detail figured out, I was off to the races. Additionally, one should be careful when saving patches not to hit the "randomize" button instead of the too near "save" button. Thanks to the developer for helping to bring new life to an old piece of equipment.
September 15, 2015
Very cool app!
I'm using it with Matrix-1000 and it works well! See and edit all controls in a single screen. Don't expect too much live sweeping over some controls though as the Matrix doesn't like that very much, but that's common behavior with older gear. It's a great addition to your Matrix, much better than anything i have seen for that purpose. Thank you Coffeeshopped!
August 28, 2015

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