CZ Touch Help

Starting with version 2.0, CZ Touch functions the same way as Patch Base. Please see the Patch Base Help for full instructions on how to use CZ Touch version 2.0 and above.


Connecting to your MIDI Interface

If you are using a MIDI interface connected directly to your iOS device, then no further setup should be needed. CZ Touch will automatically connect to your MIDI interface.

If you want to use a wireless MIDI connection, via your computer, some setup is needed on your computer to create and allow the wireless MIDI connection. I've made a write-up on how to set up your wireless MIDI connection.

Editing Envelopes

  • Adjusting Points: Tap and drag a circle to adjust the Rate and Level of that point. For finer adjustments, you can select a circle, then swipe on the background of the envelope to adjust the point by 1 unit per swipe (up/down for level, left/right for rate).
  • Set Sustain Point: Double-tap on a point to select it as the sustain point for the envelope. Double-tap the current sustain point to have no sustain point.
  • Adjust End Point: Use a two-finger pinch to add points to an envelope. Use a two-finger zoom to remove points from an envelope.
  • Copy/Paste an Envelope: Tap and hold on the background of the envelope editor to show the Copy/Paste menu. Using this menu, you can copy an envelope, and paste it to another envelope (e.g. copy the DCW1 envelope and paste it to the DCA1 envelope!)

Note: The last segment of the envelope will be drawn going down to a level of 0 at the end, regardless of what the Level is for the last point. This is done to visually show what the CZ will do with the envelope.

Fine-Tuning Vibrato / Detune Values

The sliders for the Vibrato and Detune values are pretty small, so they are used to get the approximate value you want. You can fine-tune a value by swiping up or down on the number of the value, to increase it or decrease it by 1. (e.g. swipe up on the Vibrato delay value to increase it by 1)

Saving / Deleting Patches

When you save a patch, you will be asked for a name for the patch. Please note that if you select a name you've already used, the new patch will replace the old patch.

To delete a patch, simply swipe left on the patch name in the Patches screen, then tap Delete.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the app work with the CZ-1?
It does!

Does the app work with the CZ-230s?
I believe not. I'm working on this.

Why isn't my MIDI interface showing up in the list?
The list only shows available Wi-fi MIDI connections. If you are using a hardware MIDI interface connected to your iOS device, it should just work.

Does the app work with my specific MIDI adapter?
I'm still working on testing with various MIDI adapters. I'll update this section when various adapters have been verified. The app has been shown to work with:

  • Roland UM-1
  • iRig MIDI

Are you going to make apps for other Casio synthesizers?
Maybe. It really comes down to how many people need it, and whether I can get access to a specific synth for testing purposes.

It's not working. Any ideas?
Some of the CZ's have a "protect" switch on the back. Make sure that's turned off, otherwise CZ Touch can't make any changes on your synth.