Alesis Micron and Akai Miniak Now Supported in Patch Base

The latest updates to Patch Base for Mac (version 1.1) and iPad (version 3.7) add editors and librarians for the Alesis Micron and the Akai Miniak. These two synths are virtually identical under the hood: they're powerful virtual analog synths with 3 oscillators, 2 filters (each with 20 different filter types), 3 envelopes, 2 LFOs, 12 modulation routes, 2 effects sections, and a few other modulation abilities such as FM, ring modulation, a tracking generator, and a sample and hold unit. That's a lot of potential for sound design.

Patch Base for Mac is Here

It's been about a year in the making, but today I'm happy to announce version 1.0 of Patch Base for Mac, available now. This first release includes every editor that is available on the iPad version, so over 50 synths across 10 manufacturers are supported. All of the features from the iPad version are here on the Mac, as well as some new features that take advantage of the multi-windowed environment on macOS. To give you a feel for this new version, I made an intro video for you:

Novation Circuit, now in Patch Base

The Patch Base Vote list-topper, the Novation Circuit, is now the newest editor available in the app. Patch Base version 3.6 brings the update.

The Circuit actually reminds me a lot of the Yamaha DX200: a groovebox with sample-based drums, 2 synth voices, and sequencers for all of them. And while the Circuit is easy to navigate itself, for playing notes, making patterns, tuning drums, etc., like the DX200 it offers nothing on-board in the way of creating your own synth patches.

Yamaha TG77 / SY77: The Most Powerful FM Synths?

It took me awhile to get my hands on a Yamaha TG77. These days, they are highly sought after and (frankly) often overpriced. But finally during one of my eBay trawls I found one with the typical TG77 problem of a burnt-out backlight on the display. So I grabbed it. Where we're going, we don't need backlights: the TG77 and its sibling the Yamaha SY77 are now supported in Patch Base.

Before the Digitone, there was the DX200

About a year ago, the venerable Elektron released their Digitone: an FM synth box with a sequencer, promising to make the elusive methods of frequency modulation into a more hands-on experience. Well, 17 years earlier, Yamaha tried a similar thing: the DX200. And about a month ago, a kind and generous man named Calvin met with me on a chilly night in the parking lot of a Walgreen's Pharmacy in Austin to loan me his DX200 (pictured here).

Patch Base 3 Now Available

Patch Base is the best collection of patch editors and librarians for a growing number of hardware synthesizers, and version 3 is a major update: adding new features including full undo support and patch bank backup and editing for most of the synths that Patch Base supports. Multitimbral / Performance editing and saving are now also supported for a wide array of synths.

Patch Base 3: a Status Update

It's been quiet on the Coffeeshopped website and email list for a few months now, but that's not due to a lack of activity: I've been working full-time on the next (big!) update of Patch Base: Version 3.