Patch Base "All Access" is on sale for 33% off

For the next few days, you can purchase "All Access" in Patch Base for the price of just 2 single editors. That's 41 synth editors for the price of 2. And as always, your All Access pass means you'll get the unlocked version of all future editors that Patch Base offers as well. It's a serious deal.

Waldorf Blofeld for Patch Base

Today brings you Patch Base 2.7, and with it an editor for the Waldorf Blofeld. The Blofeld is the #1 most-voted-for synth in Patch Base, so I'm really happy to get this out there, as I know a lot of people want it. This new editor works for both the Desktop and Keyboard editions. And for the next few days, the In-App Purchase to unlock all of the Blofeld's abilities is 25% off.

Quick Roland JV/XP Update

After the release of Patch Base 2.6, I received many emails asking if any of those new editors would support some of the other Roland JV/XP synthesizers. Some of them should work interchangeably, but I told everyone that they should wait for editors for their specific synths before making a purchase.

Korg Minilogue Editor Now Available in Patch Base

Patch Base 2.5 is now available, and with it comes an editor for the Korg Minilogue. Now you can visualize any patch on your Minilogue, as well as edit all synth and sequencer parameters. Fetch patches from your synth, create new patches from an init patch, or create random patches to discover new sounds. And as always, you can store your entire patch library on your iPad, and organize it into folders. For the next several days, the In-App Purchase for the Minilogue editor is 50% off.

Roland JD-Xi Editor Added in Patch Base 2.4

The latest update to Patch Base adds a fully-featured program/patch editor for the Roland JD-Xi, bringing the number of supported synths in Patch Base to 30! This new editor is the most complex yet in the Patch Base collection, including support for the JD-Xi's 2 digital synths, analog monosynth, sample-based drum machine, and on-board effects and mixing. And, for the next several days, the In-App Purchase for the JD-Xi editor is 50% off!

Patch Base 2.2 Adds Yamaha FB-01 Editor

Patch Base version 2.2 is available today, adding a new editor for the Yamaha FB-01. The FB-01 is another old 4-op FM synth from Yamaha, similar to the DX100 that I added an editor for in Patch Base 2.1!

Patch Base 2.0 Now Available

Patch Base version 2.0 is available now, adding support for the Korg MS2000, MS2000R, MS2000B, and MS2000BR synthesizers. These editors include full support for all the synth's parameters, including the sequencer and vocoder patches.

The look of Patch Base has changed a little. Hopefully you'll find it more streamlined to use. Under the hood, so much of the app has been rewritten to be faster, more bug-free, and more flexible for future additions.