Getting Sphericle Approved for the App Store

Well, the results are in on my first submission of Sphericle 1.0 to the App Store: rejected. They cited two very specific, and very valid reasons. Both reasons have to do with conforming to the iPhone Human Interface Guidelines, and they should be pretty easy to fix. They have to do with handling errors with regard to lack of internet connectivity, so as not to confuse users.

Hopefully by the end of today I'll have a new submission for them to review.

New Design

Over the weekend, I implemented a new design for this site. I'm going for something that feels a little more refined. Also, the front page now differentiates between "articles" and "news". I hope you like it!

Drupal: How to Remove the "not verified" Text from Comment Author Names

If you have comments activated on your Drupal site, and you allow non-members to leave comments, by default Drupal will append "(not verified)" to the names of people who leave comments and aren't logged in to your site. On many sites (like mine, for instance), people aren't even allowed to register accounts, meaning every comment has that pesky "(not verified)" text with it! I find that unfriendly, so here's how you can change that.

Batch Image Resizing with Ruby and ImageMagick

A couple of days ago, I was working on an upcoming website that displays a hundred or so images of an artist's paintings. Each painting on the website will be represented in two sizes: a smaller view, and a "full-size" view. Also, for each painting there is associated information that needs to be displayed (title, size, medium, etc.). I certainly didn't want to do all that work by hand! So I wrote a script...

Creating Image Thumbnails using PHP and ImageMagick

Last month I wrote a post on using Photoshop and Javascript to generate thumbnails. That's useful if you have to process a bunch of images for a website you're making, but what if you want to have a function on your website that accepts image uploads and then dynamically generates thumbnails? There's a lot that goes into that, but today I'm going to provide a basic PHP function (using ImageMagick) that gets the image processing part of the job done.

New Year's Resolutions

I'm home for the holidays, and this afternoon I heard a bit on Science Friday emanating from my parents' bedroom regarding research on people's successes with New Year's Resolutions. The gist of it was that people tend to have more success with these resolutions if they are realistic when they set them, and that it helps to tell friends about them, as a kind of reinforcement.

Crucial Drupal Modules That I'm Just Finding Out About

Because of some recent need I had to do some search engine optimization (SEO) and spam blocking, I've come across some really great Drupal modules that I wanted to mention. A lot of you out there who build Drupal sites may already know about them, but here goes...