Update: HourPatch is now available to the public. Try it out at www.hourpatch.com

For the past few months, I've been working quietly on a web application that I've named HourPatch.

Development Hosting on Your Mac

I'd like to share how I go about hosting development versions of websites on my Apple laptop (it's a 12" Powerbook G4). These instructions should work for anyone running OS X 10.3 and up (probably even earlier versions, as well). I'm talking about the regular OS X, not OS X Server.

The goal for these instructions is to be able to run a local version of a website, under a domain name of your choosing. Incredibly useful for development.

Collective Playlist

Collective Playlist is an ongoing web-based art project that I got involved with a couple of months ago. From the website:

What is the Collective Playlist?

A series of playlists organized by artists, curators and other cultural producers.

A collection of user-contributed Mp3s linked from across the internet and made available as one streaming m3u file.

Workpod 9 Redesign

Workpod 9 Redesign

Last Friday marked the launch of a website redesign for Workpod 9, an architecture and design firm based in Austin, Texas. I worked on the project as web developer, as well as design helper to Ryan Coover, principal of Workpod 9, who designed most of the site.

Into the Wild

As of February 1st, I am a full-time contractor, meaning I am no longer the Web Developer at California College of the Arts. Now is an exciting and scary time. It was my choice to leave and start fresh on my own (Exciting), but I chose to leave a comfortable, secure position in order to pursue an unknown, financially-risky path that doesn't come with health insurance (Scary).

Consolidating Your 404s in Google Analytics

Here's a bit of Javascript you can use on your website's 404 page so that when you look at your stats in Google Analytics, all the missing pages that your visitors tried to visit are grouped into one place. This technique can be useful as it gives you a single place to look in your stats for any bad URLs that people visit often, perhaps as the result of a mistyped link, or a deleted page.