Mopho Touch Demo Video

Yesterday I slapped together a video to show some of what Mopho Touch can do. I cover the basic functionality, and the random patch feature.

Better Live Routings: a MIDI Helper

Today I created a simple tool called Better Live Routings that performs a simple task: routing all MIDI data to/from a pair of MIDI ports on your computer. I made it to work around a bug I've experienced with the "Live Routings" feature in the Network MIDI device on OS X. This bug seems to filter some MIDI data, which breaks the functionality of some MIDI applications, such as Mopho Touch.

CZ Touch 1.2 Available Soon

CZ Touch 1.2 was submitted to the App Store today, and should be available soon. This update includes some bug fixes and interface improvements as well as some new features:

The Next Glory Math App

Months ago, I began some work to figure out how to make a version of Glory Math 1 that runs both faster and at a higher resolution. That effort took me down a rabbit hole of OpenGL experimentation...

Somewhere during that process though, I also came across word that someone had put together a version of Pure Data that can be easily embedded within an iOS app. So, I started experimenting with generative music within the context of an interactive graphics app like Glory Math.

How to Disconnect Completely

On January 8th, I'm flying to Guatemala. I'll be there for about two months, studying Spanish and sightseeing. Over the past month, I've been going back and forth on a question: should I take my laptop? It's a big decision.

Against Flat Rate Projects

If you're a freelance web worker, then you may have run into this scenario before:

Prospective Client: I think I'd like to work with you! What's your hourly rate?
You: Great! My hourly rate is $X.
Prospective Client: Oh, that's a bit more than we can afford. Would you consider doing the project for a flat fee?
You: ...

C2G 1.2: Now for iPad, Too

C2G 1.2 is now out, and with it comes support for the iPad. I've also added a button to contact support (me) if you ever run into any problems. More improvements are on the way!

Lessons from Pouch at 1000 Sales

A couple of weeks ago, Pouch passed the 1000 sales mark! And so far, I think I still have a happy (and growing) customer base. I couldn't be happier about how the app is doing, and I figure that this milestone is a good occasion to tell you some things I've learned during this process.