Rocket Adventure: Our Next iPhone App

One of the next Coffeeshopped projects is a game for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and it's a collaboration with my brother, Fredrick Wood! The game is still in its early stages of design and development, but here's a sketch (by Fred, the Art Director) to whet your appetites.

Rocket Adventure Sketch

HourPatch: Now with Invoicing

Today I completed the release of the next version of HourPatch, which now includes the ability to create invoices. To go with it, I revamped the promo materials on the HourPatch website.

The tag line now is "Proactive Time Tracking", which I think nicely sums up what HourPatch is about: planning out your project schedules ahead of time, which simplifies time tracking and invoicing while also getting your self-employed life a little more in order. Here are the main points of what HourPatch is about:

Summer is Here: Where Do I Work?

It's still May, but temperature-wise, summer is just about here in Austin. It's hot, and I now find myself trying to figure out where I should spend my laptop hours.

HostingRails and Capistrano Permissions Mismatch

I stumbled across a problem, and then a solution, today, when deploying a Rails application to HostingRails. After I deployed, I started getting Application (500) Errors on all of my pages.

After talking with support, I found out that is was because the group write permission was being turned on on my dispatch.fcgi file. Looking further though, I realized that all of my deployed files had group write turned on! So, the question was, why?

Glory Math 2 Icon Work

I've made a lot of progress on Glory Math 2... it's starting to make some beautiful music! In case you missed it, I posted a video of the work in progress last week (although it's already come a long way since then).

But aside from working on the app itself, there are always the accompanying materials to be made, such as the icons (big and small) for the iPhone, and the App Store itself. Today I thought I'd share with you what I have for that so far:

FJenie Resurrected

Just a quick note to say I've created a page on this site now for FJenie, a Java-based Csound utility that I wrote back in college. There used to be a page for it at, and during all my domain shuffling, I neglected to keep FJenie available online. So, it's back!