Glory Math 2 Icon Work

I've made a lot of progress on Glory Math 2... it's starting to make some beautiful music! In case you missed it, I posted a video of the work in progress last week (although it's already come a long way since then).

But aside from working on the app itself, there are always the accompanying materials to be made, such as the icons (big and small) for the iPhone, and the App Store itself. Today I thought I'd share with you what I have for that so far:

FJenie Resurrected

Just a quick note to say I've created a page on this site now for FJenie, a Java-based Csound utility that I wrote back in college. There used to be a page for it at, and during all my domain shuffling, I neglected to keep FJenie available online. So, it's back!

Glory Math, the Wallpaper

Recently I experimented with taking successive screenshots from Glory Math 1 and laying them out next to each other. I wanted to share with you the results of the experiment. It makes a neat desktop wallpaper.

More Spheres in Your Neighborhood

By far the biggest complaint I hear about Sphericle is that there aren't any spheres around when people search. (Well, for most people... I think Jynne would disagree!)

I'm listening. Minutes ago I released an update to the Sphericle server that should result in people seeing a LOT more spheres in their vicinities. There are still only 360,000 spheres in the world, but now they move around in a way that makes them much more accessible.

NOTE: you may not see more spheres on your first search, but you will see many more over time.