Glory Math, the Wallpaper

Recently I experimented with taking successive screenshots from Glory Math 1 and laying them out next to each other. I wanted to share with you the results of the experiment. It makes a neat desktop wallpaper.

More Spheres in Your Neighborhood

By far the biggest complaint I hear about Sphericle is that there aren't any spheres around when people search. (Well, for most people... I think Jynne would disagree!)

I'm listening. Minutes ago I released an update to the Sphericle server that should result in people seeing a LOT more spheres in their vicinities. There are still only 360,000 spheres in the world, but now they move around in a way that makes them much more accessible.

NOTE: you may not see more spheres on your first search, but you will see many more over time.

The New Coffeeshopped Website

As of yesterday, is no more. Long live

I've moved all of the content from my old website over to here. So, in addition to information about Coffeeshopped products, if you look around you'll find articles for web developers, and other thoughts.

I have to admit, this first design is rushed, but it needed to be done! The site is only going to get prettier.

p.s. It's snowing in Austin! A rare event.


We Need an Easy Way to Correct Others' Spelling and Grammar Mistakes Online

Often when I'm reading blogs or news articles online, I notice small spelling mistakes. They're usually the ones that get through spell checkers... the ones where the writer accidentally spelled a different word (e.g. today I saw "cap" instead of "cape"). Every time I encounter a mistake like this, I want to tell the author about it (I'm just that way about spelling). But, I'm too lazy to find a way to contact the author, and describe the mistake. I wish I could just highlight the text, make the correction, and have it sent to the author.