A Visit to the Texas Secretary of State

Yesterday I visited the Secretary of State building here in Austin, to file (in duplicate) my form for creating an LLC. The visit took about, oh, 2 minutes. I should be getting mail back from them in a week or so. I can't wait!

Future Scheduling

I've been running into a recurring problem lately: when I have a lot of work on my plate, and a prospective client comes along, I have a hard time knowing if I have the capacity to take on the new project, and when, and by what deadline I could complete it. Surely this is a common problem among freelancers.

Usually, I just assume that I can do it (better to have too much work than too little), but that's definitely made my life chaotic at times, having too many projects to juggle at once, and having weeks at a time where I had to spend way too much time in front of the computer.

I've looked around for a solution that looks good to me, but I haven't found it yet. So instead, I'm going to solve the problem myself, by making a new tool. Development starts today (design started last week).

Pickpocket Almanack: Registration Starts Today

Today, we launched one of my latest development projects: Pickpocket Almanack. Bay Area folks, you should definitely check it out!

From the website:

"An experimental school-without-walls: Each season, a temporary faculty of artists, curators, writers and filmmakers create courses by selecting from public events already scheduled to take place at venues around the Bay Area."

Sphericle 2.0 is On Its Way

Yesterday I submitted version 2.0 of Sphericle to the App Store, so hopefully it should be available within a couple of weeks. This new version is a massive upgrade to the app, taking it from a small social experiment to a social, location-based game. And it looks a lot prettier, too! Follow Sphericle on Twitter to find out when the update drops!

Changing the Search Block Form Text in Drupal 6

A couple of weeks ago I had a client request to change the search box on their site to have the text "SEARCH" appear inside of the text area on their search form. Some searching led me to a couple of posts on drupal.org about how to go about this, but the way that I chose ended up actually being in the comments on one of those posts.

Easy Ranking with Rails and MySQL

As part of some of the new features I'm adding to Sphericle, I needed to add a ranking system for user accounts, based on a point system. Specifically, I needed to write a method for my User class (on the Sphericle server, which is a Rails app) that would give me the ranking for a User, based on how many points that User has compared to all the other Users.

I'm Moving to Austin, Texas

All of my current clients know, most of my friends know, and now it's time to let the rest of the internet know: I'm moving to Austin, Texas, on June 28th! Although my location is changing, most other things are staying the same: I'm still freelancing (with clients in several states), and I'm still working on my personal projects as well.

Sphericle now available on the iPhone App Store

Well, Apple hasn't emailed me yet, but I checked Sphericle's review status today and it said "Ready for Sale", and sure enough, it's on the App Store now (although it isn't turning up in searches yet). Please download it, review it, and rate it highly! I'm already working furiously on the next release, which is going to be big! Stay tuned.