Drupal Camp Austin 2010, Day 1: A Review

This past weekend, I attended Drupal Camp Austin, a two-day conference at the AT&T Center that hosted a lot of really great presentations on various Drupal and general web topics. It was my first conference, and a good experience. I've always been a little anti-conferences, but this weekend may have changed that stance. Here is some of what I most enjoyed from the first day, and some links to resources that I found out about from the conference.

Cafe Bedouins

This past Tuesday I attended my first Cafe Bedouins meeting, which usually takes place at a coffeeshop, but this one was at Cospace. Cafe Bedouins is basically an open weekly space for tech people to work on their side projects... it's supposed to provide a kind of regular space for projects that otherwise might never get those spare hours they need. It was also my first time going to any web/tech social event, at all.

Summer is Here: Where Do I Work?

It's still May, but temperature-wise, summer is just about here in Austin. It's hot, and I now find myself trying to figure out where I should spend my laptop hours.